Learn from anywhere in an engaging and social way
Mobile learning platform with interactive challenges and courses
Learn, act, improve yourself with Addictive Learning
Take interactive courses or challenges;
Become a part of the community and keep in touch with like-minded people;
Compete with other participants and become the first on the leaderboard;
Access all the content on the go;
Track your progress and efficiently achieve your goals.
How does the app work?
Log in to your coach's Ed Hub
Choose challenges and courses that you want to take
Learn by doing and post your results directly in the app
Rate other participants and achieve your goals in a fun and social way
"With Addictive Learning I can watch lessons anywhere. Even when I am on the go! Thank you! Very convenient."
"Very helpful!Great content for those who have no time to study at home. With the app you can watch lessons and complete the tasks in the gym, at work or anywhere else."
"Back on track! Great friendly competition and motivation to get back on track for harmony and health!"
"I am very happy to find this great app. Thank you for the fantastic content and a possibility to learn from the phone."
What our clients say
How can I access the app content?
Your coach will invite you to his or her online school inside the Addictive Learning app.
Will I study only in the app?
Yes, all learning processes will be in the app.
Can I choose any course or challenge?
You can choose any challenges and courses inside your coach's Ed Hub.
How is the challenge going?
In the challenge every day you get different tasks and lessons. You have only 24 hours to complete all the tasks for one day and post your results in stories. If you take part in a competitive challenge, you can also rate results of other participants. Based on these points, the leaderboards are formed, daily showing the best learner.
How is the course going?
Unlike challenges, courses do not have a strict time limit. The content of the lessons will always be saved, and you can return to any lecture any time.
Forget about old school computer learning!
Learn anywhere anytime in a convenient mobile app
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